Mag. Dr. Erich Gibel



T: +43 1 391 11 39

F: +43 1 391 11 39-11



I provide comprehensive legal support to corporations and private foundations as well as the families that formed these organizations. My efforts also address the management of assets and estate planning.

In my view, as lawyers, we must serve our clients as partners, providing the full complement of business guidance using our expertise, experience, and judgement to arrive at the best decision. This professional philosophy has resulted in many long-lasting relationships with clients in both the business and private sectors.

Even after over 30 years of practice, I am still very enthusiastic about being a lawyer. I appreciate the challenges of finding solutions to complex problems. I enjoy the personal connection and the direct sense of achievement when we reach a successful outcome. While much of my activity lies in advising clients outside of court, I also handle litigation and arbitration cases with spirited commitment, a degree of clout, and a track record of success.

I ultimately consider economic implications to be a very important component of any actions to be taken on the path to achieve the resulting decision or outcome. Thus, I generally advise a cost-benefit analysis to be conducted when advising on any kind of dispute.